How To Survive In The Wild

The ability to survive in the wild is important for anyone who trespasses the wilderness. We hear many survival stories involving people who never dreamed that they would ever to be in an emergency situation. For example, if you are driving through a remote area, your vehicle could break down and leave you stranded. If you are unlucky, then add bad weather to this scenario and you will be grateful for any survival training or bushcraft skills you have learned.

A good backpack is the basis of survival

A good survival backpack can allow you to give yourself the best chance at adapting to an unexpected emergency in the wilderness. They are recommended for anyone who is in a wilderness setting whether they are hiking, skiing, biking or contemplating a trip in your car into a wilderness area.

It should be able to carry the essentials that will give you the best chance at not only surviving in the wild, but enhancing your comfort while doing it.


How to survive in the wild: use the right equipment

The ultimate outdoor survivalist needs minimal survival gear in the wilderness, just like tribesmen in Africa only carry the absolute minimum with them. However, these people have learned their survival skills from many years of training, instruction and experience. For the rest of us, there are many survival and camping gadgets that are available that can not only aid our chances of surviving in the wild, but allow us to enjoy it as well.

  • Hypothermia is your first concern especially if you will be out, overnight in deteriorating weather. A waterproof coat not only keeps you dry, but blocks the wind chill as well. A small tent is great for shelter, but a compact and light survival bag may be more practical to carry in your backpack. A fire is also a great way to keep warm and heat any food. A BIC lighter, matches, or a striking flint or steel can therefor come in very useful.


  • Survival Knives. There are many different survival knives on the market but the most important factor with knives is the likelihood of you carrying it with you, wherever you go. If it is not with you when you need it it, is no use to you! Consider giving your loved ones an engraved pocket knife, which has emotional value and may increase the chances of the owner taking it with them. Possibly saving someones life in the future, is the best gift you can give!

A survival knife is useful for making wood snippers to start a fire with or to help prepare your food. A knife with saw teeth on its back can be useful for sawing wood or bone as well.

  • First Aid Supplies. A first aid kit should be tailored to the sort of activity you are undertaking. If you are leading a group of people you are best to ask what health issues they may have and include items that cover their requirements such as an EpiPen.

First-aid-kit-for-surviving-in-the-wildFor hikers everywhere, blister patches can reduce the risk of blisters occurring in the first place.

For clean shallow lacerations or cuts, steri-strips give a good closure of the wound and reduce the risk of scarring.

For deeper lacerations, a range of dressing pads and bandages should be included.



Water is the most important ‘food’ you will require, much more important than edible food. Water purification systems can be light and compact and so easily included in any survival backpack. They can be water filters, water purification tablets, or even small solar powered UV water purifiers.

Your outdoor shop carries light dehydrated survival food packs that not only keep for a long time until required but are easily prepared with the addition of water. Nowadays dehydrated food can actually be quite palatable too!

Snack bars can be sustaining while providing a boost in moral. Whatever food you carry in your survival backpack it should always be compact and light.

If you are regularly going to the outdoors it is a good idea to learn what edible food is available in the wilderness around you and how to get it. It may be edible berries and seeds, flowers, plant roots, or fish and small animals that you can trap. This can not only sustain you but connect you to the wilderness on a deeper level too.

Camping Gadgets

  • Camping gadgets may not be on the top of a list of things your need to survive in the wild, but they can make it easier and more fun.

There is a choice of survival watches available to buy, but they can be pricey if you want to buy one that is reliable and able to handle the elements. To get the best survival watch to suit your needs, you are best off by doing some online research before you buy. There are so many features available besides keeping track of time!

You may also want to consider purchasing a GPS unit, solar charger, headlight, or solar powered lantern. There are gadgets to suit a multitude of use, that will make your experience in the wild a little bit safer and more comfortable.