Bushcraft Skills

Bushcraft skills are the name we give a set of skills that all involve flourishing in the wilderness. It’s possible for you to break bushcraft down into 10 basic types to start with, and add in as you develop a growing number of abilities.

1. Fire Craft

Fire craft is all about keeping and starting fires in almost any state. This includes multiple techniques for using sunlight, a fire like flint, and plants that are smoldering. In addition, it covers the way to use fire and the best way to carry the fire you assembled form one place to another to prevent having to reconstruct.

2. Tracking
There really are lots of reasons why tracking is one of the most important bushcraft skills. By having the capability to track creatures and individuals, you can see if people have been through it or if any specific creatures frequent your planned campsite. You can also see if anyone has been around your campsite or homestead lately.

Animals and people tend to follow the same courses over and over again, so you can be shown by having the ability to understand these and course where they go where to set snares, get water, when the footprints are bigger than you’d like, and where to prevent.

3. Hunting
This one is quite an obvious bushcraft skill, but you must understand the best way to hunt efficiently using many different tools. Setting a snare to capture small game is an effective method of learning the best way to live off the land. Beyond the wisdom of trapping you have to learn the best way to manage hunt once you’ve gotten it and exactly what you trap. Learn straightforward skinning and butchering techniques to ensure you can eat everything you catch.bushcraft-hunting-deer

4. Fishing
Similar to trapping and hunting, learning how to fish using a number of tools will make sure you are in possession of an excellent high- fat and protein source of food. The two basic methods for fishing are with hook and a line and by trapping. As seen inthis video to gather fish without extra work on your own end, you can build a fish trap.

Keeping learning the best way to create a bait and baits is essential also, but the fish trap is really your way if you possess the stuff as well as the ability.

5. Foraging
You can’t live exclusively on fish and possible animal catches, especially if you can’t build a fire to cook them, which means foraging is equally as important. You have to learn which plants are OK to eat, and which ones are poisonous, as well as methods to determine this in the wild.