Camping Gadgets

Now that we are in high summer, a camping trip could be in your schedule. Studies have demonstrated that our mental state cans improve, reduce tension and restore us, so somewhat excursion outside will do you great. Most people take one or more or two gadgets with us, although occasionally it is fine to simply escape as well as disconnect entirely.


Cool Camping Gear – a list of 5 cool gadgets

1. The SLXTREME phone case

The SLXTREME case is constructed from thick, soil-resistant polycarbonate with rubber handles plus it is waterproof up to 6 feet, which makes it super tough and letting you wade through creeks. It features a built in battery which can be recharged by the solar panel on the rear of the phone, providing you with additional battery time in order to go a little further off power system.

2. Point Source Electricity VOTO Charger

BBQ or your campstove turns with a fire-activated fuel cell when you cook food which you put below the charcoal of your cookstove. It produces enough power to charge a mixture power pack for charging your apparatus and an LED light unit which supplies 30 hours of light when fully charged and converts carbon and hydrogen. The handle for the VOTO is all about $17 (USD), as well as the fuel cell costs about $7.

3. Earl Tablet Pc

Not a lot can do what your smartphone can not in regards to GPS as well as other backpacking gadgets, but a large exception is the Earl tablet PC. It’s built in weather detectors that offer precise predictions of changing circumstances, even in distant places. You are able to send voice messages or safe text via Walkietalkie or transmit course info, location, and weather. Eventually, it’s an AM/FM/SW/LW radio tuner for listening to music or the weather stations of NOAA. In addition, it comes packaged with trail guides. It now sells for $299.

4. A Sleeping Bag SUITSleeping-bag-suit-as-a-camping-gadget

Sleeping bags certainly are a dime dozen, however a sleeping bag suit? Because you can now bring the
heat alongside you you’ll at no time must concern yourself with leaving that comfy tent each day.


The name says it all for this small gadget. Torches really are a must, and seeing this thing boasts the name of the tiniest 3500 lumen LED torch on earth, you may rest assured that no one does it better. The aircraft aluminum alloy structure can take a beating, and it’s also watertight.