Personalize your knife with an engraving

Your knife can be engraved for you personally. This used to be done by hand, but nowadays, lasers can create engravings on a knife that make it really something unique. Do you want to provide a truly original gift to someone? Buy them an engraved pocket knife!

Examples and locations on pocket knives of engravings

You will have to select a location for the engraving, after you have created a design for the engraving. There is an assortment of options to make your design stick out. It is important to keep in mind just how big you’d like the engraving, and where the brand name is, when choosing the location.

What to avoid when ordering engraved pocket knives

It is possible to engrave on nearly all flat, metal surfaces. It is important to see the studs and how the blade is formed when deciding how to apply the engraving on the blade of the tool. Because there can be an indent or brand name on the same spot for instance. Many manufacturers only have the brand name on one side – like Victorinox or Opinel – so that your personalized message is always printed on the correct side.

Engraved pocket knives as a groomsmen gift

Finding thoughtful and exceptional groomsmen gifts for the groomsmen and best man is an important element of the wedding planning process.  Your groomsmen and best man are some of the most crucial people in your lifetime. And it’s also usual that the groom give the best man and groomsmen gifts in acknowledgement of the special relationship they share. Popular gift ideas such as engraved flasks or knives are the perfect alternative for the classy gentlemen.

An engraved pocket knife is an exceptional gift, which can have a specific meaning, to show how you’re feeling about these special friends and relatives. The presents (knives in this scenario) may differ for every groomsman for an extra special effect.

Engraved pocket knives for father’s day


Remember that your father is the guy who taught you how to take your first steps! Or at least he helped with it!

Father’s Day can be a daunting experience for children who want to give a special gift to the man who raised them. It’s true that you can simply buy another mug saying “World’s Greatest Dad” but it’s unlikely to make a great impact. Why not get him something unique this year? After all, we’re talking about the guy who taught you how to tie your shoelaces, play catch, build your first aircraft kit etc. An engraved pocket knife is the perfect manly gift to show him what you he means to you.