Which First Aid Supplies Are An Absolute Necessity?


The primary purpose of a first aid kit is to contain a selection of products for treating wounds. Make sure to throw out any unnecessary things such as blister plasters or needles, depending on where you will be using the kit for.

To prepare yourself for emergency situations, make sure to:

  • Keep a first aid supplies in your house and in your automobile.
  • Carry a first aid kit with you or know where you will locate one.
  • Find out the locations of first aid kits at your work.

First aid kits come in many sizes and shapes. Your local drug store may put them up for sale or you can
purchase them online. You can even make your own. Many kits are intended for special tasks, such as trekking, camping or boating.

Things many people forget

Personal items for example medicines and emergency phone numbers or other things your health-care provider may suggest. Also think about the following:

  • Some supplies may possess a small shelf life, so do not forget to resupply your kit regularly.
  • Make certain the flashlight batteries work.
  • Check expiration dates and replace any used or out-of-date contents.First-aid-kit-for-surviving-in-the-wild

First aid supplies for living in the wild

Your survival first aid kit should match the purpose of your trip. You may want to pick a pre-assembled emergency first aid kits or build your own kit. Long stays in the outdoor wilderness, or in even more extreme scenarios, need more extensive kits and more first aid knowledge.

Things to consider:

– the amount of people participating in your trip
– where are you really going? The woods, desserts, rainforests, urban enviroments etc.
– how long will you be away?
– how far are you from medical assistance?
– What activities do you expect to carry out?

Ask yourself these questions and make sure to throw out all the unnecessary equipment.

Minimum equipment list

Basic bandages for:
Blisters; thin blister pads or moleskin
Sprains; athletic tape, varied elastic bandage
wound; clean bandage, bandaid, tape
– Basic drugs:
Painkiller, antiseptic, anti- diarrhea and any prescription. Many medical supplies and all drugs have a limited useful life.
– Basic first-aid tools:
tweezers (quite beneficial to eliminate little thorns, splinters or ticks) along with a razor blade, scissors or a small knife. If you already have a knife or multi-tool, make sure you do not carry the same equipment with you in double-fold

Be sure you know what your kit contains and how to utilize the stuff for effective first aid. If you are not an expert, then consider adding a first aid instruction book.