What To Avoid When Buying Survival knives

survival-knivesEver wonder how to decide on the best survival knife? This article will inform you to make the best choice.

In my own opinion, a survival knife is your most important tool when found in a wilderness survival situation. While it’s true when out in the wilds that you can improvise a knife from rock or bone, there’s nothing that compares with all the steel blade because of its strength, versatility, and utility. Nevertheless, not every steel knife can do in a survival scenario. Being aware of what things to consider when picking a survival knife is equally as important as having one. After reading this short article, you will learn you will be able enough to locate one that’s tailor made to your demands and situation and what properties compose the perfect survival knife.

Essential Things to Avoid in a Survival Knife

While there are many things to be careful about when buying a survival knife, here’s a list of the primary affairs you should avoid:

  • Narrow Tang: If you should take the handle of a knife off, the tang would function as the part that goes from the bottom of the blade on. This tang is relatively narrow as you can see in the picture. This is fine for the purposes of a kitchen knife, but when put it up to the rigors of survival/outdoor activities (chopping wood, pounding the blade for carving little logs etc) it’s susceptible to breakage.
  • Folding Knives (including multi tools): Don’t forget, this article isn’t about how to select just any knife, but about how to select the “perfect ” survival knife.
  • Big Knives: Although you can slay a crocodile with one mighty thrust, the bigger the knife the more challenging it is to do the intricate work a survival situation requires. And for that reason, I’d be worried about getting fire making tools for trapping and hunting going, and establishing camp than the usual crocodile attacking me? —?particularly since I reside in New England!
  • While there are exceptions to this (see some of Chris Reeve’s knives) most hollow-handled survival knives are not a good choice. Their two piece layout—like the narrow tang knives—can readily break doing heavy work or when cleaving wood.


    A survival knife is just not a magic wand nor does it have powers that can save you in every situation. The value of a knife mostly depends on the person handling it. Skill just comes from training and repetition. You don’t buy a survival knife to decorate your man cave– it is an instrument that’s meant to be used. From the start of mankind, cutting blades have helped our ancestors to hunt, create tools and survive. From cavemen with sharp rocks to a soldier in modern war, there will never be a relationship quite like that between his blade and a man. Choose yours wisely.